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Uh-Oh! These Bad Habits May Be Causing Clogged Pores

It's time to check yourself.
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If you notice that you *constantly* get pimples, it's time to take a step back and evaluate what is really causing them. Take a look at your face. If you see a lot of blackheads and whiteheads, it's a sign that your pores are clogged. You may think to yourself, "Oh, I just need to be stricter with my skincare routine." But, what you fail to realize is that your bad habits play a big part in this.

Below, we have listed down the bad habits that lead to congested pores and how you can fix them:

  1. Skipping sunscreen

    ICYDK, applying SPF is one of the most important parts of your morning skincare routine. This step ensures that your skin is shielded against the harsh rays of the sun. When you don't have this layer of protection, your tissues get damaged, thus making the pores more susceptible to clogging. Not only that, prolonged exposure worsens the dark spots on your face, making them harder to remove. 


    Solution: Apply sunscreen religiously!

    When shopping for one, make sure that it is SPF30 and above. Do take note, though, that there are formulas that are comedogenic (aka it *clogs* the pores), so read up on the ingredients! Stay away from products with coconut oil, cocoa butter, and olive oil.

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  2. Forgetting to remove your makeup

    There are really some days where we physically can't drag ourselves to the bathroom to take off our makeup after a long day. This is a huge problem for your skin because the sebum and product buildup on your face will cause clogged pores and more breakouts.

    Solution: Makeup remover wipes, micellar water, and cleansing oil

    Double cleansing is the way to go to remove all the makeup and dirt from your skin, but if you physically just ~cannot~ go to the bathroom, keep a pack of wipes on your bedside table to at least get all the dirt out before you snooze. (Ed's note: This is just a temporary fix. As much as possible, make sure to wash with an oil AND regular cleanser to really get the deep-cleaning your face deserves!)


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  3. Over-exfoliating

    Exfoliating is a great way to score baby-soft skin, but as with all things in life, too much of a good thing can be bad. There are a lot of ways to overdo it: Doing it too often (recommended frequency is once or twice a week), using a higher percentage of acids, or scrubbing a little *too* hard may damage the skin barrier.

    When you go overboard with exfoliating, you strip your skin of its natural oils, which causes your glands to go into overdrive and produce more. The excess grease causes your pores to get clogged. 

    Solution: Use a chemical exfoliant with a low percentage.

    When it comes to exfoliating, chemical ones are your best bet, as opposed to abrasive physical products—just make sure to start out at a lower percentage to let your skin adjust to it. 


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  4. Picking on pimples

    Pimples have this *uncanny* ability of showing up at the most unlikely and inconvenient times. When it happens, you just want to pop them out of frustration. This is a huge no-no as this habit can prolong its healing and it will also transfer dirt  + bacteria from your fingers to the affected area. More pores will get clogged, too.


    Solution: Pimple patch

    When you get a new zit, resist the urge to squeeze it. Instead, put a pimple patch over it. It will make it less noticeable, plus you'll find that it has flattened the next day!

    COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch, P200, Lazada


  5. Touching your face

    This may seem impossible as we can't help but unconsciously touch our face throughout the day, but think about how many surfaces your hands come in contact with. When you do this, you spread the bacteria and dirt straight to your skin. This habit causes clogged pores, which can then lead to *more* breakouts.


    Solution: Be more mindful!

    Make sure to regularly wash your hands and use an alcohol sanitizer after every activity. When you do need to touch your face, use a *clean* handkerchief.

  6. Sleeping on dirty pillow covers and sheets

    This seems like another no-brainer thing to do, but we don't realize how much dirt, oil, and dead skin builds up on our sheets. These can transfer to our face at night as we toss and turn in our sleep, and you'll wake up with clogged pores and a ~brand-new~ pimple the next day. 

    Solution: Invest in silk sheets and covers.

    Not only will this be beneficial for your hair (less breakage!), it will also do ~*wonders*~ for your skin. Because it's not absorbent like cotton, it won't pick up dirt and oils. Just make sure to still wash them regularly, of course!

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