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PSA: This Is How You Get Rid Of Blackheads At Home

how to get rid of blackheads at home
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I've dealt with blackheads since I was a teen, and it took decades before I finally managed them. I still do get occasional dark dots on the nose and the forehead, but over the years, they've reduced their real estate space on my face. Asking for an extracting facial is the best thing that helped this, but if you aren't comfortable getting inside the facial clinic, there are methods you can try at home.

Ahead, some blackhead-busting home remedies you can try if you're more than ready to evict them from your complexion.

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads At Home

  1. Do not squeeze them.

    I know it's tempting to squeeze out the dark gunk on your nose, but doing so may lead to redness and possibly permanent skin damage. This also means that you should absolutely stay away from pore strips, too! Leave these methods to your teenage years and move on to the next suggestion.

  2. Do a "warm-up."

    Loosening the buildup in the pores via hot steam can make gunk excavation so much easier. Pour boiled water into a bowl. Lean over—remember to leave about 10 to 12 inches distance—and drape a towel over your headSteam your face for about 10 minutes to break up the impurities stuck beneath the pores.

  3. Exfoliate with care.

    Now that the hot steam has loosened up the gunk, all you have to do is to help them get out of the pores. You may use a gentle scrub (stay away from nut scrubs, those are too abrasive for the skin!) or an exfoliating device to dislodge the blackheads.


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  4. Seal and heal.

    With the blackheads out of the way, it's time for ~*healing*~. Apply a spot treatment that contains tea tree oil, salicylic acid, or cica to help speed up the skin's recovery process. Please refrain from touching the area to prevent infection.

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  5. Follow a maintenance routine.

    To keep these baddies away, it's vital that you have a solid skincare routine: Wash with a gentle cleanser, incorporate acids into your regimen, and wear oil-free sunscreen every day.

    Adding acids or chemical exfoliants to your routine will help keep the complexion clear of dead skin cells and sebum stuck beneath the pores. Some special mentions are glycolic (normal to dry skin), salicylic (oily to acne-prone), and azelaic acid (sensitive).

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