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What Is EGF, And Why Is This Skincare Ingredient Worth A Try?

It's time to learn something new!
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Hello there, folks! We're here to give a quick beauty lesson on EGF, your next favorite skincare ingredient. We first saw it written on the bottles of K-beauty products, and if Koreans love it, THERE MUST BE A REASON, right? Another instance that convinced us that EGF is the bomb is when a dermatologist mentioned that her evening skincare routine includes EGF serum. "It must be that good, " we said to ourselves. Anyway, let's proceed with the ~science~ lecture:

What does EGF mean?

EGF is an acronym for epidermal growth factora single-chain, non-glycosylated protein endemic (aka present) in our skin cells. In layman's terms, it's a component that helps skin regeneration and repair. It also boosts the complexion's resiliency and collagen production.

What can EGF do for my skin?

As mentioned above, EGF is all about repairing and regenerating skin cells. If your skincare product has EGF, it can prevent and reduce scarring and create a supple, youthful appearance. TL;DR: Everything we want in a skincare product.


Do I really need EGF?

Your skin slows down its repair and regeneration process once you hit 30, so we recommend that you try EGF products when you hit the big 3-0.

What types of products have EGF?

Globally, there are a lot of EGF products available in the market, but here in the Philippines, it's still limited. Here are some you can choose from:

Petitfee Gold and EGF Eye Spot Patch (60 Patches)

These eye patches boost collagen production and create a radiant and wide-awake appearance. Bye, eye bags!

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Gold and EGF Eye Spot Patch (60 Patches), P420, Althea

Dear Klairs Midnight You Blue Activating Drop

This has a high amount of EGF content, so you'll expect to see faster glowing results when you incorporate this in your p.m. skincare routine. This reduces the appearance of visible wrinkles and acne scars, promotes suppleness, and brightens the skin tone.

Dear Klairs
Midnight You Blue Activating Drop, P1,570, Watsons


Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence 

This potent serum has snail mucin, which is known to manage acne-prone skin. Bee venom and EGF work together to boost the skin's resiliency and prevent scars from forming!

Snail Bee High Content Essence, P800, KBeautyCafe

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