Where You Can Get Elisse Joson + Maris Racal's Temporary Tattoos

They're perfect if you're not ready to commit to a real tattoo!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/elissejosonn, (RIGHT) Instagram/tattumundo

Recently, we spotted Elisse Joson wearing adorable colorful tattoos on her wrist, chest, and cheek on Instagram.

And because we're curious beings, we researched and found out where we can get the same pretty ink ASAP! All their cute tatts are from Tattumundo, an online shop that sells temporary tattoos designed by local artists Betina Continuado, Carla ChuaCassykicks, and many more.

As we were stalking Tattumundo's page, we also discovered that back in 2017, Maris Racal posed with a temporary music note tattoo on her wrist. It kind of looked real, TBH.

Since these tatts won't last forever—just three to five days—they're a great option if you're not ready for the lifelong commitment of a real tattoo.

And lucky for you, they don't cost an arm and a leg! Tattumundo's ~*doodle sheets*~ retail for P250 to P300 each. You can apply them anywhere on your body because they're hypoallergenic and made with ~love~ + non-toxic materials! Ready your wallets and order them here!

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