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Elisse Joson's Latest Selfie Is Super Relatable

Celebs—they're just like us!
PHOTO: Instagram/elissejosonn

Elisse Joson is known for her fresh-looking complexion—the girl's got glass skin, okay? That's why we were all ears when she shared her whole evening skincare routine. We just had to know what she uses to get perfect complexion.

But today, we saw a different Elisse. She posted a picture of her with a pimple right on the top of her lip. Because celebs, like us, get pimples, too!

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So yeah, the takeaway is, you don't need to be perfect. Elisse even wrote the caption: "Hahaha it’s still gonna be a good day!" Zit happens (pun intended)! 

Plus, there's no reason to let a pimple ruin your day. There are effective spot treatments, reliable derma-approved solutions, and full coverage concealers that will diminish a zit from your sight.

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