You Can Now Take A Bath In Ramen-Scented Water

Curry and miso soup flavors exist, too!
PHOTO: Village vanguard

Trust the Japanese to come up with the craziest innovations! The people at our favorite Asian Beauty Reddit have alerted us to these products that make bath time a hunger-inducing, appetizing affair: food-scented bath powders!

According to Rocket News 24, the bath powders are currently available online at Village Vanguard, a Japan-based mecca for weird, wonderful inventions influenced by pop culture. Those silver foil sachets look like something you’d find in your kitchen—but they’re actually made for soaking in a tub.

There’s the aforementioned ramen flavor for those who need their comfort food fix:

Who doesn’t love a fortifying bowl of gyudon when they’re famished?

Obsessed with anything and everything Korean? You’ll have a difficult time resisting the kimchi jigae or stew flavor!

Or maybe you’d prefer relaxing in an aromatic miso soup bath?

If you like your flavors complex, there’s always curry to save the day!

Yakisoba, anyone? Soooo ~*tasty*~!

Each packet retails for 324 yen or P152. We’d say this is a great option when you’ve finally had your fill of the usual lavender or peppermint scents—or just want to smell like whatever it was you had lunch. *wink*

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