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How To Make Your Feet Look And Feel Better After Walking All Day

Give 'em some much-needed TLC!
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Whether you've walked all day in heels or flats, your legs and feet need to rest. Here's how to give 'em some TLC.

  1. Dip and relax.

    Soaking your legs and feet in warm water can soothe and comfort your tired sole(s). This age-old method is proven to soothe arthritis and loosen joints. You may try to sprinkle Epsom salt or a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil for extra relief.

  2. Cool down.

    Rub a cooling product on your tootsies and gams. Massaging them will also improve the blood circulation that may prevent varicose veins from appearing.

  3. Cut your toenails.

    A major reason why your feet are aching: Your toenails are hitting the caps of your shoes. Clip them regularly straight across to avoid ingrown nails.

  4. Raise your feet while you sleep.

    Prop a pillow to support your legs and feet to encourage blood circulation.

  5. Go for a stretch.

    A good preventative way to minimize aches and pains is to do simple stretching exercises. This will loosen muscles and tendons on the calves, balls of the feet, and heels where tension is intense.

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