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We FINALLY Know Gabbi Garcia's Secrets To Get 'Glass Skin'

In an exclusive interview, she shares her skincare and makeup tips.
PHOTO: Instagram/gabbi

One look at Gabbi Garcia's Instagram and you'll notice that she looooves the"glass skin" look. Whether she's wearing a full face of makeup or flaunting her bare skin, the girl is obsessed with a dewy, radiant complexion.

Clearly, we want to know how she gets the perfect morena glow every day. So when we got the chance to speak to Gabbi, we asked her to divulge some of her skincare and makeup ~*secrets*~: 

What products do you use to get a glowing complexion?

"I'm [committed to] my skincare. I apply my skincare products day and night, and I never skip [it] even though pagod ako from taping or it's four a.m., I still apply my skincare and I go to the derma every other week."

If you're wondering what her skincare regimen is like, she gave us a step-by-step: "I wash my face, I apply toner, [then] I apply essence. [After,] I apply my serum, face oil, and then moisturizer." 

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What's your favorite color to use to enhance your morena skin tone?

"Well, I go for [makeup products with] neutral colors like bronzers. If it's a regular day for me, I love applying my lip and cheek tint kasi I love small bags so my makeup kit can't really fit inside. I always just bring my lip tint for my lips, my cheeks, and my eyes. My favorite is [Maybelline Sensation Liquid Matte Lip Tint in] Made Easy. I like it because it's not so dark and it's not so light. It's somewhere in the middle, so balance lang."

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What are your favorite makeup looks to wear?

"I love it when I have super long lashes. I also like the dewy look, because I'm a fan of 'glass skin' kasi so I love it when there are a lot of highlighters on my face. I like applying it on my cheekbones, on my nose, and on my cupid's bow." 

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What's the best makeup tip you've learned from professionals in the industry?

"Always apply your skincare before you do your makeup." 

*Answers have been edited for clarity.

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