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Here's How To Know If You Should Shower In The Morning Or At Night

Be clean! Don't be gross.

Some people take a bath only in the morning, some only at night, while others do both. Is there a best time? Not exactly. It all depends on you, your body, and what it was exposed to.

Take a bath in the morning if:

You want to wake yourself up. This'll work if you'll be bathing in cold water since it'll shock your system, giving you that energy boost.

You're okay with waking up early. If you take long in the bathroom and you value longer sleep hours, you're better off showering at night.

You have oily skin. Oil would've built up on your face when you were asleep, hence clogging your pores. Make your face clean and clear by taking a bath in the morning; doing so might even keep it pretty clean for the rest of the day.

You want to look fresh. That's goodbye to awkward bed hair and oily strands.

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Take a bath at night if:

You want to sleep more soundly. A hot bath at night is relaxing and will be sleep-inducing if you take it an hour or two before you go to bed (your body's core temperature still needs to drop a bit around bedtime to signal your body that it's sleeping time).

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You want your bed sheets to stay cleaner longer. Sleeping in clean sheets is part of having a good hygiene. You'll be doing your skin and body a huge favor by eliminating acne- and body odor-causing dirt and bacteria that could've been on your skin.

You want to be rid of the grime that accumulated on your body during the day. Walked under the sun? Sweated profusely on the platform for 20 minutes while waiting for the MRT to arrive, only to come in contact with sweaty bodies in the train? You're going to need to scrub and lather with lots of soap before you go to bed to get rid of all the grime.

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Your environment isn't sterile. If there's a virus going around in your work environment, take a bath when you get home/before you go to bed.

You wore makeup. If you put on SPF and makeup, okay, there's the makeup remover and the facial cleanser. But if you want to make sure that you've removed all the residue (which you should be doing), take a bath. The steam and the running water will finish the job for you.

Sources: Men's Health, Yahoo! Health

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