This High-Tech Mirror Tells You What To Do With Your Skin

It will even customize a product lineup suitable for your needs and concerns!
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We’ve stressed time and time again the importance of having a good skincare routine. From thoroughly removing your makeup before bed to applying (and reapplying!) sunscreen every day without fail, these steps are ultra-important in helping you look your best as you get older.

But if you’re already super serious about skincare and are always looking for ways to improve your complexion, this new product is for you. HiMirror is the beauty accessory you didn’t know you needed, and it might just spell the difference between great and ~*flawless*~ skin.

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Imagine being able to consult with a beauty expert from the comforts of your own home—any time you want to. According to VentureBeat, HiMirror is a new gadget that will analyze every single aspect of your skin. Sounds scary? We say fascinating.

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The mirror-slash-camera, which is portable enough to mount on your bathroom or bedroom wall, has the primary function of assessing your skin’s condition. From fine lines to dark spots, dull complexions to large pores, HiMirror will target each and every one to help you achieve your best skin yet.

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It will even customize a product lineup suitable for your needs and concerns! It also takes the climate, your lifestyle, and other factors into account, so you won’t be struggling to use a heavy cream moisturizer in a hot, humid country like ours.

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HiMirror will also track your progress through a historical comparison feature. It’ll show you the effects of the products you use, and measure your skin’s firmness, texture, and more with each passing day.

Sounds like a dream? Preorder HiMirror on the official website for $189.  

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