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Attention: Do Not Use These Items To Clean Your Ear Piercings

Learn how to do proper aftercare for your piercings here.
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Consider your ear piercing as an open wound in your body. It's basically punctured skin with a foreign body stuck in it. We must take extra care of it. One wrong move may lead to infection and pain, which can cause the hole to close.

In a video by a US-based piercing studio, LuLu's Body Piercing, they attended to a client who had an infected hole caused by improper aftercare practices. The girl's helix piercing was so swollen and inflamed that they had to take out the earring. They needed to squeeze the pus out, too!

Apparently, the client applied soap directly to the piercing and dabbed tea tree oil on it, too. While both products are considered to be antiseptic, these may be too harsh on punctured skin.

They suggested that clients use a fragrance-free anti-microbial soap diluted in clean water to wash the piercing. They also emphasized that tea tree oil is best for bumps. (You can find an extensive list of aftercare solutions here, too!)


Watch the video below to learn more ear-piercing aftercare tips.

The Dangers of Not Properly Cleaning Your Piercings!

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