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These Are The Best Tea Tree Oil-Infused Products That Can Treat Pimples

There is hope with this all-natural ingredient!

Any girl who deals with pimples knows that finding the right product to combat them (and get rid of them permanently) is never an easy feat. How and why do they even pop up even though we’ve babied our skin to oblivion with countless over-the-counter products containing acids from A to Z? As it turns out, one can only do so much in avoiding our oil glands from getting clogged (which is how zits pretty much develop).

When all else fails in the search for the best anti-acne remedy, most of us turn to all-natural and organic solutions. One thing you can try is tea tree oil. Its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties make it the go-to solution for a lot of people. Trust us when we say it’s worth a shot!

What is tea tree oil?

Pure tea tree oil is extracted from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, a small tree native to Australia. Research shows that applying a five percent concentration of tea tree oil extract can reduce the number of pimples, both pustules and papules. It’s been used in a lot of ways, especially for the skin!

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What are the benefits of tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil has been known to reduce inflammation in pimples because it’s naturally antibacterial. Additionally, research suggests that it can also clear up non-inflammatory blackheads and whiteheads, too. It's definitely a gentler option compared to salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, however, sensitive-skinned gals should still be cautious in incorporating it in their routine. We recommend checking with your dermatologist first to see if it’s suitable for you.

How do you apply tea tree oil?

If you’re using a bottle of pure tea tree oil, always dilute it first before applying to the skin since it can cause irritation. We suggest combining it with another carrier oil or mixing it with your HG moisturizer. For spot treatments, dampen a cotton bud with water, then add a drop of the oil. Another way is to buy products infused with tea tree oil. Ahead, we've rounded up a list of our go-to tea tree oil-infused products to get clear skin:

  1. Best Tea Tree Oil-Infused Product: Human Nature Acne Defense Solution Gel

    Avoid irritation that comes from most anti-acne solutions with this natural treatment. The tea tree oil helps speed up the healing of pimples while calming redness and inflammation.

    Human Nature Acne Defense Solution Gel, P199.75, Human Nature


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  2. Best Tea Tree Oil-Infused Product: The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

    Don't be fooled by its size—it does a lot by soothing the complexion and getting rid of impurities! It can be applied directly to the skin and is a great spot treatment.

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    The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil, P595, SM Megamall

  3. Best Tea Tree Oil-Infused Product: Hello Gorgeous Tea Tree Soap

    This tea tree oil-infused antibacterial soap contains almond grains to slough off dead skin, niacinamide to even out skin tone, and coconut oil to heal and protect the skin.

    Hello Gorgeous Tea Tree Soap, P150, Hello Gorgeous


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  4. Best Tea Tree Oil-Infused Product: Lush Tea Tree Water

    Refresh skin throughout the day with a mist of this toner water infused with tea tree oil and juniper berry to keep the skin clear and refreshed. Both ingredients contain antibacterial properties to help keep acne at bay.

    Lush Tea Tree Water, P475,


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  5. Best Tea Tree Oil-Infused Product: Heres B2uty Tea Tree Oil Serum

    This powerhouse serum does a lot with its blend of good-for-your-skin ingredients. Tea tree oil treats acne, green tea regulates excess oil production, chamomile soothes inflammation, witch hazel alleviates irritation, and rosehip oil hydrates and minimizes the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

    Heres B2uty Tea Tree Oil Serum, P485, BeautyMNL


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  6. Best Tea Tree Oil-Infused Product: Leegeehaam Tea Tree 90 Essence

    Perfect for problematic skin, this fast-absorbing essence helps smoothen skin texture while locking in moisture. Formulated with 90 percent tea tree extract, this Korean essence can help you score the ~glass skin~ of your dreams.

    Leegeehaam Tea Tree 90 Essence, P1,400, BeautyMNL


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  7. Best Tea Tree Oil-Infused Product: Innisfree Bija & Tea Tree Capsule

    This easy-to-use wash-off clay mask contains bija and tea tree oil to calm and relieve troubled and sensitive skin. Pop it in the fridge before using it for that refreshing, cooling effect!

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    Innisfree Bija & Tea Tree Capsule, P59, SM North EDSA

  8. Best Tea Tree Oil-Infused Product: A’pieu Nonco Tea Tree Emulsion

    Moisturize the skin with this quick-absorbing emulsion from A’pieu. The tea tree-infused moisturizer maintains the skin’s oil and water balance and helps clear your complexion.

    A’pieu Nonco Tea Tree Emulsion, P595, Lazada


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