How To Get Rid Of Butt Acne And Bumps

How To Have A ~*Flawless*~ Butt

And be booty-ful. LOL!
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While it can't be seen by other people, having butt acne can be bothersome. Here, we round up the best things you can do to have a flawless booty!

Treat it as you would your face.

Wash your buttocks with a product that can deep clean the skin without further irritating it.

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Sebamed Cleansing Bar, P288, Zalora

Don't pop it!

No matter how much you're tempted to squeeze a pimple to make it go away, always remember that doing so will only make things worse. 

Get rid of the dead skin.

Sometimes you get bumps because of dead skin buildup. You can resort to peeling pads or clay masks once a week to purge the gunk from your pores.

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Wear breathable underwear.

When sweat and friction mix, it leads to irritation. Prevent this by slipping on comfy cotton underwear in your right size. Tight knickers will only give you zits and a dark bikini area.

Avon Melissa Hi-Leg Panty, P140,

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Don't be shy to ask for help.

If it really bothers you, don't be dyahe to consult a dermatologist. ICYDK, there are fancy butt-facial treatments that exist. 

Bonus: Get your booty on fire.

Sculpt a firm bum by doing the rainbow exercise, a favorite move of VS Angel, Adriana Lima. This move torches fat while building muscle in the glutes area.

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