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How To Stop Touching Your Face, The Habit That Increases Your Risk Of Getting COVID-19

It's hard, but it *can* be avoided.
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Ever since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 as a pandemic, everything has drastically changed. The government imposed a curfew, regulated the number of people going out, and had all the non-essential businesses temporarily closed. We were also taught to practice physical distancing and to stay at home if we could.

WHO and the Department of Health (DOH) also strongly encourage people to observe proper hand-washing to effectively get rid of the disease-causing germs. Another thing we should be more mindful of, however, is the number of times we touch our faces. This bad habit may seem hard to kick, because how can we not touch our face, right? 

But, what we must remember that the virus can enter our system through our eyes, nose, and mouth. Touching your face, especially with dirty hands, is like giving germs a free pass to your skin. Though this may seem like a habit that's tough to break, it's not entirely impossible. Dr. Dray, a dermatologist-slash-YouTuber, shares tips on how to avoid it. Keep on reading to learn more:

  1. Be more mindful.

    Once you're more aware that you regularly touch your face, addressing the root of the problem can be very effective. If you have allergies that cause you to scratch your face, make sure to take antihistamines or your prescribed medication. If you wear contact lenses, maybe try switching them out for your eyeglasses for now to avoid unnecessary contact with your eyes.

  2. Wear a mask.

    If you find yourself touching your face a lot, wearing a mask might help reduce that urge. 

  3. Avoid wearing your hair down.

    If you have long tresses, your hair tends to fall to your face throughout the day, causing you to touch your skin. To avoid this, try wearing your hair in a ponytail or bun to make sure that you don't end up unnecessarily touching your face.

  4. Keep your hands busy.

    If you find yourself fidgeting a lot which causes you to touch your face, try redirecting this attention someplace else. For example, you can use a stress ball, twirl your pen around, or just do anything that will take your mind elsewhere.

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  5. Clip your nails.

    If you like sporting acrylics or growing your nails long, now is the best time to get rid of them or cut them short. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), "Germs can live under artificial fingernails both before and after using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and handwashing." That, paired with improper hand hygiene, will make you more susceptible to COVID-19.

Watch Dr. Dray's full video below:

How to stop touching your face & prevent getting sick | Dr Dray

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