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Here's What 10 Popular Korean Actresses Look Like Without Makeup

Spoiler alert: They still look stunning!
Korean Actresses Without Makeup
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/skuukzy, Instagram/xeesoxee

If you think how K-drama leading ladies look on-screen is awe-inspiring, wait until you see them without an ounce of makeup on—truthfully, it's almost unfair. We'd even argue that there isn't much of a difference. But just so you see what we mean, here are some stunning barefaced photos of 10 Korean actresses:

No Makeup Photos of Korean Drama Actresses

  1. Lee Sung Kyung

    Lee Sung Kyung's was a model before her acting debut in It's Okay, That's Love, so you can find many barefaced photos of her from that time. That said, she's also once showed in the airport makeup-free and looked unfairly gorgeous even under flash photography!

    PHOTO BY Beauty+
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  2. Seo Ji Hye

    When Crash Landing on You's Seo Ji Hye guested on the MBC show I Live Alone, she showed the viewers her minimalist home and the full process of her getting ready for the day—her makeup routine, included.

    PHOTO BY Youtube/MBC Entertainment
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  3. Bae Suzy

    The Start-Up star has zero qualms about being barefaced on camera. In this video for Dingo, Suzy even gave us a close-up of herself just fresh out of bed, so yes, she does wake up like this!

    PHOTO BY Youtube/Dingo Music
  4. IU/Lee Ji Eun

    Even makeup can't hide IU's natural babyface. She's often spotted without makeup in the airport, looking gorgeous every single time.

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  5. Han So Hee

    The World of the Married's Han So Hee freely shares no-makeup photos on her Instagram feed, but this image is one of the few she's posted without a filter. She's still stunning, but then again, who's surprised?

    PHOTO BY Instagram/xeesoxee
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  6. Seo Ye Ji

    Seo Ye Ji once demonstrated her makeup cleansing routine on the Korean beauty show Get It Beauty, and even after the process, her skin still looked absolutely flawless. In case you're wondering, she applied a face oil after, hence the glow!

    PHOTO BY Get It Beauty/On Style D
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  7. Gong Hyo Jin

    We've always been fans of When the Camellia Blooms actress Gong Hyo Jin's chill, effortless vibe. She posts barefaced selfies on Instagram often (she has such amazing skin!), this photo, in particular, she uploaded after a shoot.

  8. Son Ye Jin

    It almost doesn't matter to find out what year this photo of Son Ye Jin was taken, because she still looks the same in 2020!

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    PHOTO BY The Korea Herald
  9. Song Hye Kyo

    No-makeup photos of Song Hye Kyo always go viral for a reason! The actress hasn't changed a bit through the years, looking as stunning au naturel as she does in full glam.

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  10. Jun Ji Hyun

    It's not that easy to find a makeup-free shot of Jun Ji Hyun. But still, we stumbled upon this gem probably taken with an old smartphone, and she looks so adorable.