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These Korean-Style 'Frame Tattoos' Will Be Your Latest Ink Obsession

They're so gorgeous!
Korean Frame Tattoos
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/eunyutattoo, Instagram/lit_tattoo_

We have already written about why Korean-style ink is just *so* appealing, but recently, we found a new style that many Korean tattoo artists do. As we were scrolling through Insta, we noticed a lot of washi tape-style tattoos with artsy designs that look like a painting inside a rectangle frame. Introducing: Frame tattoos.

One Korean artist specializing in frame tattoo designs is EQ who works at Studio by Sol, a famous tattoo shop in South Korea. He particularly loves incorporating classic Korean and Japanese motifs and styles in his work that are enclosed in a thin rectangular strip. This gives the illusion that you're looking through these whimsical "scenes" through a cracked door. Besides EQ, there also other artists who have added rectangle tattoos to their portfolio. Check out 15 of the cutest designs:

  1. We love the ancient Japanese art feel of this tattoo.

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  2. Here's a cool take on the famous Great Wave off Kanagawa painting.

  3. Immortalize Van Gogh's famous Sunflowers painting on your arm.

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  4. This galaxy tattoo is just ~out of this world~!

  5. A unique take on the usual floral ink.

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  6. This softly-shaded tattoo looks *so* delicate.

  7. This thick strip is just as beautiful as the thin ones.

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  8. This Harry Potter tattoo looks so whimsical!

  9. Getting two frame tattoos side-by-side looks so pretty!

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  10. Why not get your favorite travel spots inked on your skin?

  11. Letting the bottom part fade out gives the illusion of a flowing waterfall.

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  12. These day and night tattoos are so pretty.

  13. Who said you had to keep everything *strictly* inside the rectangle?

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  14. This one has negative space, which sets it apart from other frame tattoos!

  15. The wrist is always a good spot to place your ink.

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