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Laureen Uy On Her Acne Journey: 'I thought wala na itong pag-asa, but patience really is key'

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Skincare, no matter how fun it looks, is actually a complicated thing to understand. There are certain products that should never touch your face unless a licensed dermatologist prescribes it to you. It's also important to read the label and ingredient list to be sure you're not applying anything that can harm your skin. Such is the case of vlogger Laureen Uy, who shared the story of her worst acne journey that began in the early days of the quarantine. Read her experience below:


Laureen found out that a certain moisturizing cream that she had been faithfully using since 2015 contained steroids in it. She only discovered this when she tried to replenish her stock during the early days of quarantine. She was told that the steroid cream was only supposed to be applied for a maximum of two weeks.

Laureen immediately stopped using the cream and consulted with Aivee Clinic to know the next steps she should take. She was told that aside from her breakouts, she also had seborrhea, a common skin problem that causes red, itchy rashes and peeling skin. She also suffered from eczema, which made her complexion inflamed, cracked, and rough.

In the clinic, Laureen used Aerolase, a machine that is able to control the activity of acne, regulate sebum production, and kill the bacteria on the face. She also got the Jet Infusion Facial to intensely hydrate her skin and combat her eczema. The only products she used during her healing period were Cetaphil and a cream and spot corrector from the clinic. She also took antibiotics that were prescribed to her.


Right now, Laureen's complexion is almost back to normal. Her top pieces of advice are the following:

  1. Read the ingredient list properly. If you're not sure about what you're putting on your face, consult your derma.
  2. Consistency is important. To work your way towards an acne-free complexion, make sure to religiously apply everything that is prescribed to you.
  3. Patience is key. Don't be discouraged if you don't get clear, glowing skin overnight. Healing is a process.


Watch Laureen's full video below:

My Worst Skin Acne Journey + How I Got Rid Of It | Laureen Uy

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