You Have To See This Magnetic Face Mask

PHOTO: YouTube/MissJessicaHarlow

We get excited as it is when we come across new beauty products, so anything that has a fun novelty spin is bound to impress us. In today’s edition of Beauty Things We Want, vlogger MissJessicaHarlow lets us in on one amazing discovery: a magnetic mud mask! Watch it in action below:

This magical face pack is actually the Dr. Brandt Magnetight Age-Defier Skin Recharging Magnet Mask. As shown in the video, it comes with a tiny triangle-shaped magnet, which is what you use to pull the cream off your face. Don’t underestimate its small size, though! Jessica wrapped hers in layers of tissue (which she said made it more handy), yet it still managed to draw out the mask from her face.

According to the brand’s official website, the “iron-based powder formula is activated by magnetic particles.” The mask has deep-cleansing properties, and with regular use, aims to reverse signs of stress and environmental damage (pollution and UV rays, we’re looking at you!). It also retails for $75, which, for a face mask, isn’t exactly what we’d call affordable.

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So what’s Jessica’s verdict? Well, she’s not exactly convinced. “I mean, do I look younger? Do I look energized? ‘Cause honestly, taking that off got me really tired, ‘cause it took, like, such a long time. But I will say that whatever all these essential oils are inside of it are very hydrating and they do feel really nice,” she shared.

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What do you think, CGs? Is this something you’d splurge on?

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