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OMG! People Are Now Injecting Themselves With Blood From Teens

It's the new must-have anti-aging treatment!

Forget Botox, because vampirism is now a thing. Thank god the people who get these treatments don't literally bite someone's neck and suck the blood out of them! No, they get blood transfusions—from TEENAGERS—in an attempt to evade death live a longer, more ~*youthful*~ life.

HelloGiggles reported that this beauty breakthrough (or nightmare?) is the brainchild of a biotech startup named Ambrosia, with the founder, Dr. Jesse Karmazin, mentioning that their treatments do not claim to "cure" aging.

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The injections cost a hefty $8,000 (P396,600) and the blood comes from blood banks that sell donations to healthcare companies. It all sounds crazy, right? Well, apparently not since a recent report shared that the trial participants are seeing positive results so far such as lower cholesterol and lower carcinogens.

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So if you ever get a craving for teen blood, you know what to do and where to go—you can always get a "transfusion associate." LOL!  

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