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Show Off Your Love For Your Furry BFFs With These Cute Pet Tattoos

They all look GRRReat!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/_youyeon_, (RIGHT) Instagram/little.tattoos

If you're a pet owner, chances are you've thought of various ways you can show off your love for them, as well as remember them forever (Because sadly, pets don't live as long as humans.) We have a great idea for you: Get a tattoo of them! You can customize the design to suit you and your furry BFF's personalities—opt for realistic-looking ink or a cartoon-inspired one. You even have the option to get the tatt done in regular black ink or in colored ink so it'll be more ~*life-like*~. Keep scrolling for some adorable inspo:

  1. Try getting an abstract handpoke tattoo to make it extra unique.

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  2. Is this a tattoo or a painting? We can't decide!

  3. These dogs look like puffs of clouds, agree?

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  4. Yes, minimalist linework is possible with pet tattoos. 

  5. We can just hear this cat meowing—LOL.

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  6. A tatt made of tiny dots will take a while to do, but the end result is gorgeous.

  7. This cat is just too cute for words.

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  8. For those who love all kinds of animals, tiny paw ink will suit you. It will symbolize the love you have for all your pets in the past, present, and future.

  9. Love watching your doggo sleep? Take a picture and have it tattooed!

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  10. Your ankle is the perfect canvas for cute pet ink.

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