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Rubber Face Masks Are The Slimy Peel-Off Product You Need To Try

They're so satisfying to apply!

If you're prone to doing scary faces or pranking your friends and family whenever you use sheet masks, then you're going to love—as in, LOVE—this new "sheet" mask trend from Korea: rubber face masks. They're gooey and thick, and the feeling of peeling them off is already a good enough reason to try them out!

Take a look at how they're used here:

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And just like any other sheet mask, rubber face masks contain specific ingredients that cater to a variety of needs, too—from brightening to firming to purifying your pores. Once you've got your rubber face mask powder on hand, all you have to do is mix it with water (or essence, if you're feeling extra ~*fancy*~ that day), apply it all over your face, wait a few minutes for it to dry, and PEEL. The end result? Skin that's ultra-soft and smooth!

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P.S. They're not going to suffocate you, regardless of how they look (LOL)!

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