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What Guys Really Think Of Plastic Surgery

These men get brutally honest.

“I don’t see anything morally wrong with it if it’s for health or reconstructive purposes. I'm all for it. Pero pag for vanity lang, sayang sa pera. Lalabas din sa genes yan, it's not as if mga anak niya magiging kasing ganda or pogi din niya.” -Eric, 29

“Tingin ko kaya sila nagpapaganun kasi di sila masaya kung ano meron sila. Meron silang nakikita sa ibang tao na gusto nila meron din sila. Parang yung nag-co-cosplay–gusto din nila maging ibang tao or magtago sa character na gusto nila kasi 'di sila maganda.” -Mico, 29

“Who are we to judge people for the actions and decisions they make in life? Kanya-kanyang trip lang yan!” 

-JL, 27

“It really depends. If it looks fine and still looks natural, I say why not. Pero kung yung exaggerated looking na alam mo peke, that's a different story.” -Dave, 30

"Plastic surgery's cool for me as long as it still looks natural and helps boost the person's self esteem. I’m a photographer by profession and it’s a big plus if it helps me save Photoshop time." -Jerico, 31

“I think that there's nothing wrong if women want to undergo plastic surgery, but I hope they are doing it for the right reasons. If it is because they are insecure and are dissatisfied with how they look, then I guess it would be a vicious cycle going under the knife since we constantly change as we age. For me, plastic surgery should be more for repairing damaged features as well as to improve the overall aesthetic rather than altering one's self into a completely different person.” -Ralph, 26

“There are two kinds of women: those who invest in looks and the women who look up to them. Both are inside a social structure, which focuses mainly on outside beauty and perfection. They are victims of a society that makes money out of imperfection, ugliness, and a lack of individuality.”

-Bjan, 27

“Plastic surgery should not be entirely perceived as a bad thing, since there's more to it than meets the eye. I'm talking about fixing a deviated septum or repairing scars, for instance. I don't have a problem with it if you're doing it for cosmetic reasons. Everyone is entitled to look and feel good. It's not that different from losing a significant amount of weight. Nagbabago rin naman itsura nila, and it makes them feel good inside. As a result, mas secure sila sa nafi-feel nila. All I wish is that those who undergo plastic surgery know when enough is enough. Hindi porket nagpa-surgery ka, gaganda ka na. Minsan mas panget ka pa. It's a subjective thing.” -Mikey, 26

“It's fine up to a certain point. If it's just a minor tweak here and there, and it makes the woman feel a whole lot better about herself, then that's a worthy trade-off. When it becomes obsessive though, that's when the trouble starts. Pag puro pagpaparetoke na ang ginawa ng babae sa katawan niya, it tells me that she's overcompensating for a certain lack of smarts, personality, or grace.” 

-Gelo, 28

“I think we have come to a point wherein plastic surgery is in a gray area. The tsismoso in each of us wants to know if work has been done or not. But at the end of the day, we really don't care anymore. And that's kind of sad, really. Because it also says that we're all about appearances now. If you see something that looks good, happy ka na, no matter what it took for it to get there.” -Brian, 30

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