FYI: White Tattoos Are Cute, But Not For Long

Some good things never last.

A white tattoo is considered to be the dainty choice by those who want to be inked, but is scared of OTT, bold designs. It's a subtle way to wear body art because it can only be seen up close. You can have it done even if you work in a corporate setting or when your mommy doesn't approve of tattoos (sorry, Ma).

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It's guaranteed to be pretty, but there's a catch: It doesn't last that long. A white tattoo doesn't age well. It fades into your skin color within 15 days (depending on the area) up to a year. The result looks like an artfully drawn scar. I know, it's sad. 

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Another factor to consider is for it to be seen, a white tattoo's lines must be thick. Your artist must have excellent skills to get a precise outline and shape, otherwise, it will look awful. The bottom line is, white ink is best used for highlighting colored and black tattoos, not the tatt itself.

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