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The Cutest Poses To Do With Your Hands, As Seen On Sofia Andres

Here's how your hands can make your photos look *extra*.
PHOTO: Instagram/iamsofiaandres

Sofia Andres is the kween of low-key posing. One of our favorites is how she manages to artfully place/put her hands in the right spot to create a heart-worthy photo! If you, too, want to master posing with your hands, here are a few Sofia-approved tricks:

Hugging one of your legs with a drink in hand is the perfect relaxed/casual pose to do while on vacay.

Flaunt your pretty earrings by gently tucking your hair behind your ear!

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Resting your hand on your head is the ultimate "bored, but make it fashion" pose.

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Carefully positioned fingers on your forehead can take your selfie game to the next level. ;)

Nothing says "I'm so excited!” like both your hands behind your head and a ~shmile~!

Learn more about "shmile," the hottest Instagram pose of the moment, here.

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Sofia's ring-clad hand complemented her light and shadow selfie.

Show off your new haircut and color by shyly resting your chin on your hand.

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Don't know where to place your other hand while posing for an OOTD? Try playing with your hair!

"Blocking" the camera while smiling is a classic shot for a candid photo.

If you get shy when taking selfies, cover your face except for your eyes. The result is a pretty yet powerful stare.

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When the sun's shining too high while taking a selfie, you can always slightly shield your face for protection.

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