How To Low-Key Pose In Public Like Sofia Andres

Too shy to go all out? You can still get that perfect photo!
PHOTO: Instagram/iamsofiaandres

It's easy to get dyahe  when you're posing in public places. People will stare, so you'll become conscious to ~work~ it. But if the BG is just too cool not to 'gram, take notes from Sofia Andres. She has mastered the art of flirting with the camera in the most low-key way.

Wear sunnies and pretend to cuff your pants. V incognito.

Or act like you're fixing your shoes!

Pose with a friend and your merienda, LOL!

Look for a huge pillar (to hide you) and work your pose.

When the wall is just so 'grammable, look away from the cam.

Who knew a staircase railing would make a great OOTD spot?

When you're in a restaurant and you're too shy to pose, cover your face with your hand.

Take your photo from the waist down. Problem solved.

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