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12 New Books To Help You Get Through Relationship Issues--Even A Breakup!

There's nothing like a good, inspiring read to guide you through healing that heartache--whatever its cause. Browse our picks.

So you've put a period on a roller-coaster relationship--or may still be thinking about it. After you've cried your heart out and gone all numb, it's time to recuperate, learn from it, and move on. One way to gain insight into your relationship drama is by curling up with a good book that can comfort, distract, inspire, and motivate you as you transition to the next stage of your (love) life. Read below some of the themes you should look out for, then launch the gallery to see the 12 new books that can help you get through various relationship issues and stages of bouncing back:

Commiserate with chick lit heroines.

When you're in the initial wallowing stages post-breakup, all you want to do is feel like you're not alone. Reading stories of people going through similarly painful situations can make you feel better about yourself.

Share a book with your girlfriends.

When all else fails, your girlfriends will always be there for you. We've picked out books that will remind you why your girlfriends are so special. After you've read them, share them with the girls, too!

Get lost in an addictive fantasy novel.

The great thing about fiction is that it can offer you outrageous situations on the outside, while holding universal truths about life and love underneath.

Become engaged in a mysterious, meaningful romance.

Take a step back from your situation and read some compelling love stories that are not what they seem. You may not have figured out your own problems just yet, but you'll learn something as you figure out theirs!

Be inspired by stories of strong women.

Sometimes the best source of hope is the success of others. Read stories of women who've faced many struggles, and eventually gained a better understanding of life, love, and their own identities.

Bounce back with a little help from the pros.

A breakup is never the end of the road; it's a pit stop in the middle of a long journey. Whether it's an inspirational trainer guiding you through bouncing back, or fashion bloggers teaching you how to reinvent yourself for the better, you'll be ready to face the world and all the relationships that lie ahead!

Browse our gallery for the book covers, synopses, and prices of new releases that are right for your current sitch--and a guide to what issues each book would address most!

With reports from Trixie Reyna

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