3 Workouts That Made Jennylyn Mercado FHM's Sexiest Woman

Here's why she deserved the title.

It’s official—Jennylyn Mercado is FHM’s number one sexiest woman!

From the fourth spot last year, the men's magazine's three-time cover girl has successfully overthrown soon-to-be mommy Marian Rivera in the country’s most esteemed battle of the sexiest. Can’t say we’re shocked to hear the news though, because when it comes to fitness, Starstruck 1’s Ultimate Sole Survivor certainly knows how to stay on top of her game.

Below, the three kinds of workouts that helped Jennylyn Mercado land the most coveted title.

1. Arnis

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Jen’s got some serious moves in Arnis, a traditional martial arts in the Philippines that makes use of sticks. See those toned arms and swift combat skills? Clearly, this lady’s not one to mess around with.

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2. Cycling

Cycling may look and sound fun, but for Jennylyn, it’s not just a simple case of work and play. She takes it very, very seriously—and by that, we mean she rides like a pro. 

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3. Running


There’s nothing quite like good old cardio. Jen’s routine, however, isn’t just like your typical morning run. This certified triathlete won't rest 'til she makes it to the finish line.


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