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9 Flicks To See This August

A modern-day fairy tale, a long distance love, and lots of cinematic fun for you, your guy, and your friends this month!

The cinemas are loaded with love for the ladies this August!

Check out Vanessa Hudgens' new spin on the classic Beauty and the Beast fairy tale (you'll adore her super hot co-star, Alex Pettyfer), or if you're up for something a little lighter, see Drew Barrymore's latest rom-com. Miss the good old days of Anne Curtis and Richard Gutierrez? They're back together...for a movie! They're starring together in In Your Eyes with Claudine Barretto, and it looks like it might be a heartbreaker.

If romance isn't your thing, though (your boyfriend must love you!), there's also a lot of action and comedy in store, with more than a little thrill thrown in.

Click through the Gallery to check out this month's biggest flicks! Grab your bucket of popcorn!


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