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‘A World Of Married Couple’ Officially Outranks ‘Sky Castle’ For Highest Drama Ratings

Congratulations to the amazing cast and crew!
PHOTO: (LEFT) A World Of Married Couple/JTBC/Viu, (RIGHT) Sky Castle/JTBC

If you’re a fan of A World of Married Couple fan like me, then chances are, you’ve spent your weekends being stressed out over the latest episodes. Like, honestly, sometimes I wonder why I keep watching this show when I’m left angry and annoyed after every episode, LOL.

Anyway! It looks like the show is certainly a hit. Soompi has reported that A World of Married Couple has officially taken over the massively successful 2018 drama, Sky Castle, in viewership ratings. According to Nielsen Korea, the May 2 episode of A World of Married Couple scored “an average rating of 24.33 percent nationwide.” The finale episode of Sky Castle scored an average of 23.78 percent in 2019. Soompi also reported that the only other cable network show that has a higher rating is Mister Trot, which had an average rating of 35.7 percent. Amazing!

If you haven’t seen the drama yet, we definitely suggest you start now—there are four episodes left before it officially wraps up. You can watch A World of Married Couple on Viu.

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Do enjoy this trailer of the show:

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