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10 *Powerful* AC Bonifacio K-Pop Dance Covers That We Can't Stop Watching

Who else thinks she should be a K-pop idol?!
AC Bonifacio's K-pop dance covers
PHOTO: YouTube/Andree Bonifacio

Whether you're a long-time K-pop fan or you just entered the fandom, dance covers on YouTube are a must-watch. These videos aren't just entertaining (the dancers even set up their background similar to the original music vids), but you'll also discover new talents that will make you stan them as well!

Some of the most spectacular K-pop dance covers we've seen are from Andree Camille, or AC Bonifacio, and ~oh my, my, my~, she never fails to make us go WOW. With her sharp dance movements paired with her powerful facial expressions, the 18-year-old star really has the makings of a K-pop idol.

Ready to be impressed with her moves? Here are the must-watch AC Bonifacio K-pop dance covers:

1. BLACKPINK's "How You Like That"

This video earned AC a second-place award in BLACKPINK's "How You Like That" Dance Cover Contest last year, and OMG, our girl's drastic transformations (plus her dance skills, ofc) totally deserve all the recognition! I mean, four different looks?? In one dance cover?? How you like that??


2. BTS' "Dynamite"

Look at those vibrant colors that perfectly fit this lively BTS song! AC mentioned in the clip's description that the dance cover was filmed in Vancouver, and you guys, we're adding this to our growing list of places to visit in the *future.*

3. BLACKPINK's "Kill This Love"

It's another solid BLACKPINK dance number from AC! Idk about you but she REALLY nailed Lisa's iconic "Here I come kicking the door" part. ~Blink~ if you agree.

4. ITZY's "ICY"

Did you know that AC was able to see ITZY perform this song live prior to her dance cover? She said that she attended KCon LA back in 2019. What a lucky girl! 

5. EXO's "Love Shot"

AC collaborated with another dancing queen, Dasuri Choi, in this electrifying EXO dance cover. Can we please talk about that body roll? Ang galing!

P.S: They also danced together to BTS' "Boy With Luv"!

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6. BLACKPINK's Jennie's "SOLO" 

Will you look at AC channeling her inner Jennie! Her sparkly outfit and makeup might have caught your eye, but we can't deny that it's her dancing skills that made her shine even brighter. Go, girl!

7. BTS' "On"

As someone who truly loves BTS' "On", I must say that AC gave justice to the song and choreography! The steps are tough to master but she made it look easy. 10/10!

8. ITZY's "Dalla Dalla"

Even without the ~fancy~ background, AC sure made an impact in her dance cover of ITZY's debut single! That dance break? On point!

9. BLACKPINK's "Lovesick Girls"

No doubt about it—AC is indeed a huuuuge fan of BLACKPINK (she even played the Guess That Song game, BP edition)! When you look at this video's comments, you'll see one that says: "Parang YG Trainee na si AC, YG artist na nga actually, no need na i-training." We couldn't agree more!


10. 2-Minute K-pop Dance Challenge

Not a full K-pop dance cover but this dance challenge is definitely part of our favorite AC Bonifacio videos! She learned new K-pop choreographies in just two minutes after seeing them for the first time pero ang flawless ng results!

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