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Andrea Brillantes Breaks Her Silence On The Alleged Dressing Room Confrontation With Francine Diaz

'Hindi ho ako nanugod sa dressing room. Hindi ho talaga.'
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/blythe, Instagram/francinesdiaz

ICYMI, Andrea Brillantes finally spoke up about a number of issues involving her in an almost 11-minute Instagram Live last night, April 11, 2022. During her tell-all, she confirmed that she was in a relationship with her on-screen partner Seth Fedelin and that they broke up in October 2021 after two years and three months of dating.

Seth Fedelin defends Andrea Brillantes
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She also admitted that her TikTok video uploaded in response to the sighting of Seth and Francine Diaz last January 2022 was made in haste. She said that her mind was "too clouded with sorrow" when she did it and had no contact with either of them at the time. 

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While she admitted how it "made everything worse," the young actress firmly denied the *alleged* dressing room confrontation between her and the Kapamilya star. "At pinaka importante sa lahat, hindi ho ako nanugod sa dressing room. Hindi ho talaga. I also don't know where people got that," she said.

She further explained: "Ang alam ko lang, may isang dummy account na nag-tweet, and it's funny because naniwala naman lahat agad sila, kahit it was just words. Pero kasi, meron ding entertainment reporter, may public figure na sinabi 'yun sa vlog niya, which made the alleged rumor more 'credible' for people to believe."

The 19-year-old actress said that she got so mad to the point that she wanted to file a legal complaint against the people spreading fake news. "Aaminin ko, I was mad. I was mad furious and I wanted to file a case sa mga taong nagpakalat nu'n. And in every lie that was thrown at me without any concrete proof, I was mad and broken. Everyone [was] accusing me of something I didn’t do."

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She explained that if confrontation did happen, there would have been proof of it caught on video, noting that there are security cameras everywhere on the premises. "Guys, let’s be real. Kung totoo naman 'yun, sana kumalat na, pero walang kumalat na video. There are CCTVs in every corner of ABS-CBN, and I actually asked for a footage para lang mapakita ko sa mga tao na hindi ko 'to ginawa."

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Andrea said that she wanted to speak up on the matter *months* ago and that it was "the worst two weeks" of her life. "I wanted to let everyone know what really happened because I’m so tired of taking all the blame for something that I didn't do. I'm so tired of people portraying me as the bad guy based only on alleged rumors that have no truth," she explained.

She ultimately decided to opt against filing a case and move on instead, explaining that she has found her peace. "I decided to forgive and forget. I decided to work harder na lang, and let my actions speak for myself. I’ve been through worse. Ano pa naman 'to, diba?"

Her ex-boyfriend Seth recently released his statement via IG Live, asking fans to stop sending hate to Andrea. He also clarified that he had nothing against Ricci Rivero and Andrea's relationship. "Wala akong galitAng meron ako tuwa dahil deserve ng kaibigan ko na may gumawa sa kanya ng ganung bagay. Ipagsigawan siya sa publiko. Kaya happy ako. Wala akong anything negative na nararamdaman."

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