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Anne Curtis Is All Of Us Enjoying A Cheat Meal Every Now And Then

It feels good to occasionally indulge!
PHOTO: Instagram/annecurtissmith

Anne Curtis is a ~beast~ when she exercises every day, as seen on her Instagram feed and in her Instagram stories. 

She credits her trainer Arnold Aninion for her intense circuit training workouts:

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Occasionally, though, there are those tempting treats that Anne just can't resist. Just like today, when she enjoyed pizza while watching a TV series.

Anne profusely apologized to Arnold as she indulged in the cheat meal.

"Promise, I'll kill it tomorrow!" she said in the caption.

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Looks like a pretty massive meal! She ended up in a food coma, LOL.

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Even Erwan Heussaff captured the feast on IG stories, too. Two pizzas (and pasta, too?)! Wow.

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This just goes to show Anne's just like the rest of us! It's totally okay to chow down on good food and do a killer workout the following day. Thanks for keeping it real, Anne!