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Get To Know The *Interesting* Story Behind Dahlia Amélie's Name

She was actually named after two films!
PHOTO: Instagram/annecurtissmith

New mom Anne Curtis has been in Australia with her husband Erwan Heussaff since Christmas Day last year as she gave birth to their daughter Dahlia Amélie there. If like us, you wait on the snippets that she shares of her life there on social media, then you'll be happy to watch her first interview since giving birth with G3 San Diego, where she gives an update on her family life and takes a quick trip down memory lane about past acting work. 

Apart from sharing how thankful and how much more in love she is with Erwan, she also indulged with some tidbits about their adorable baby girl. Anne said that from the moment she was born, they all agreed that Dahlia is the spitting image of her father. She also revealed that doting dad Erwan goes by "Papa" while Anne calls herself "Mommy" when talking to Dahlia. And although she looks so much like her dad, her eyes are a dead giveaway, Anne grinned while disclosing that at six months, Dahlia's personality seems a lot like her mom's. "She's bungisngis like me, and she loves to smile. She's a sweet, sweet, sweet little flower," said the actress.

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And speaking of flowers, Anne shared the full story of how they decided on their daughter's name. They had around three or four name options but some signs steered them towards their final choice. While taking a stroll through the botanical gardens near where they are staying in Australia, Anne spotted Dahlia "Moonfire"—yellow-orange flowers with almost black dark leaves. The pair exchanged glances when they saw it. Anne shared: "I really liked the name because, of course, it was my first role for Magic Kingdom, Princess Dahlia. So it really meant so much to me. Love na love ko yung role na 'yan and I will forever be grateful for that role because it's really what started everything for me."

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As for Amélie, the couple was really looking for a French name to match Erwan's last name as he is half-French. What they like most about the name is that it means "hard-working," and Anne noted that while she was pregnant, she was, indeed, working very hard filming a movie with Vice Ganda and hosting on It's Showtime daily. But the final sign came when they were casually watching TV and the movie Amélie, starring Audrey Tatou, came on, which so happens to be one of their favorites. Once again, Anne said that she and Erwan exchanged knowing looks and that sealed the deal. 

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Dahlia Amélie is definitely a darling name that fits their adorable daughter. Watch Anne's full interview here!