OMG, Arci Muñoz Got A Chest Piercing And Lip Tattoo

Yep, you read that right!

Arci Muñoz has always been adventurous in her ~lewks~ and now she’s talking about two things she recently got: a chest piercing and a lip tattoo. Yep, you read that right: a chest piercing and a lip tattoo. Usually, it’s the other way around (a chest tattoo and a lip piercing), but Arci was never one to shy away from the unexpected.

On Tonight With Boy Abunda, she revealed that most people think her chest piercing is a sticker. She said Piolo Pascual teased her about it when they bumped into each other at ASAP, with everyone else following suit.

Her boyfriend, businessman Anthony Ng, also thought it was a sticker. “Wala na siyang magawa,” Arci recalled the time she told him it was actually a piercing. “Mayroon nga akong tattoo na tago. Hindi niya alam hanggang ngayon,” she said, showing a small heart tattoo on the inside of her bottom lip.

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Arci also said that their opposite personalities complement each other and they are at the right age to get married. “Maybe in a few years. I’m 30 and he’s turning 40, so medyo siya ang mas na-pe-pressure. I think I’m ready whenever.”

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