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The Creator Of 'Hereditary' And 'Midsommar' Is Working On A Four-Hour *Nightmare Comedy* Film

Ari Aster has more ~gory~ stuff up his sleeve.

If you loved the *horror* films Midsommar (2019) and Hereditary (2018), then you're going to be VERY HAPPY with this news. The writer + director of these movies, Ari Aster, is currently working on a new project and it's going to be FOUR WHOLE HOURS long. 

During his interview with the Associated Students Program Board at UC Santa Barbara, Ari added that it will be for people over 17 years old, that it's a "nightmare comedy," and that he just finished working on a new draft of the film. Although his previous movies are widely included in the horror genre, Ari said that he calls himself a "genre filmmaker" and that it's not his job to "categorize" his work. 

According to Indie Wire, the director's cut of Midsommar was almost three hours long. Both Midsommar and Hereditary had characters who were going through trauma and grief, so this next film *might* discuss those things, too! There's bound to be gore somewhere in there as well. 

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While waiting for updates, you can watch Ari Aster's 2013 short film Munchausen, which is "a Pixar-inspired silent short about a clingy mother who goes to a bunch of extreme lengths to keep her son from going off to college." CREEPY. 


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