Ariana Grande Tells Fans Her 'Heart Is Black' After Pete Davidson Split

Oh, Ari.
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We're struggling to get "thank u, next" out of our heads because A) it's such a banger and B) we think it's really helping Ariana Grande get through her recent split from Pete Davidson. It's even helping us get over our own exes!

Except from the song release in which she says she's "so thankful" for Pete, the singer hasn't said too much publicly about their split (apart from accusing him of "clinging" on to being relevant). But it turns out Ari may still be feeling hurt about everything after she jokingly admitted that her heart is now black. Eeek. 

Ariana recently tweeted a series of black heart emojis to fans (which is her thing btw), but one fan asked if her chosen symbol actually meant something deeper.

They asked, "Is the black heart some sort of tea or am i reaching?" Ariana politely told them they were reaching, but then she took it back and joked, "Jk i'm empty and my heart is black now so." Oh, Ari.

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Her fans begged her to elaborate on what she meant, so she came back with another joke and wrote, "Kiiiiiiddding (i'm not kidding) kiiiiiiiiddding relax."

Who knows if she's joking or not?! Ariana could be referring to the hardship she's faced this year, but it did seem like she was making a reference to her recent split with Pete.

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The couple called off their engagement last month, and since then Ariana has covered up her Pete tattoo, released "thank u, next" as a tribute to her ex-boyfriends and chopped off her iconic ponytail into a bob.

We hope you're ok, Ariana!


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