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Bae Suzy + Nam Joo Hyuk Are In Talks To Star In A ~New Drama~

It's a pairing we never knew we needed 'til now!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/skuukzky, (RIGHT) Instagram/skawngur

Calling all Korean drama lovers out there (I know we're a lot): A new series is in the works with Bae Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk *possibly* starring in it! According to Soompi, the tvN drama is titled Sandbox and is basically about the booming tech industry in South Korea. Here's the gist via Soompi:

"Sandbox is set to tell the story of a woman who jumps into running her own start-up company as she dreams of becoming the next Steve Jobs, her first love, and another man who is tasked with making that first love look even cooler. The drama will follow them as they grow in the environment of Korea's Silicon Valley where companies flock to, dreaming of becoming the future's Google and Amazon."

Sounds super cool, no?

Suzy's character is a college drop-out named Seo Dal Mi, who dreams of owning a start-up. She's also super competitive with her sister and doesn't want to "lose" to her in achieving a successful career.


Joo Hyuk, on the other hand, plays Nam Do San, a young overachiever who is now an owner of a tech company. He hasn't been doing so well business-wise in the past few years since he and his friends have lost their investors' money along the way.

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Suzy and Joo Hyuk have had a busy 2019 with Suzy recently wrapping up the action series Vagabond and Joo Hyuk starring in the fantasy drama Dazzling / The Light in Your Eyes earlier this year.

Sandbox is slated to air in May 2020.

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