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5 Barkada Films For When You Can't Decide What To Watch Together

If you want to laugh + cry + miss your barkada all at the same time!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Someone Great/Netflix, (RIGHT) Camp Sawi/Viva Films

"Guys, ano na papanoorin natin?" Said every barkada ever. Don't you just hate it when you end up looking for something nice to watch ALL NIGHT? You don't have to talk about it endlessly anymore because we came up with a list of films that every group can relate to! 

1. Someone Great (2019)

After breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, Jenny (Gina Rodriguez) is accompanied by her best friends on one *last* epic night out to attend her favorite music festival! Fun fact: This film actually became the inspo for Taylor Swift's song "Death By A Thousand Cuts"! 

Where you can watch it: Netflix 

2. Bad Genius (2017)

In order to raise an insane amount of money, a genius high schooler and her ~friends~ decide to come up with an elaborate plan to help their fellow students cheat on an international exam! Kids, do NOT try this at school! 

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Where you can watch it: HOOQ 

3. 3 Idiots (2009)

Three engineering students at a prestigious university form one of the most endearing friendships ever. However, once they graduate, Rancho (Aamir Khan) breaks off all contact with them and seemingly disappears. Years later, the remaining members of the trio decide to find him! 

4. The Reunion (2012) 

Five guys who used to be cool in high school are now ~losers~ as adults. When they attend their high school reunion, they decide to look back at their past mistakes and somehow try to correct them. 

Where you can watch it: iWant

5. Camp Sawi (2016)

What if there was a "camp" where all brokenhearted girls could go to drown in their sorrows and attempt to move on? In this film, five girls with different stories and backgrounds go for an unusual ~vacation~ at Camp Sawi.  

Where you can watch it: HOOQ 

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