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Bea On Agreeing To Do A Film With Alden: 'I said yes, because it's going to be with him'

It's going to be a remake of the hit Korean film 'A Moment To Remember.'

We love how Bea Alonzo only has the nicest things to say about her soon-to-be leading man Alden Richards: "He's such a nice person, very pleasant," she shared during an interview with Summit Media journalists. Bea and Alden have met each other at common friends' parties and they've even worked on a TV commercial together, but this is the first time they'll be teaming up for a film! It's going to be a Filipino remake of the Korean movie A Moment To Remember

Bea shares that during their February 2020 commercial shoot in Bangkok, Thailand, they were already talking about wanting to act together: "Doon lang kami nagkaroon ng time to bond. And what's funny is we were just talking about it there, pareho kami na may balak na makatrabaho yung isa't isa at some point. Pareho kami nag-uusap na, 'Sana, no? Sana we can have that chance to work with each other.'" 

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bea alonzo and alden richards commercial
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Bea Alonzo on finally getting to work with Alden Richards

"And then an opportunity occurred, a few months ago, there was a script from Viva. There was a story presented to me, and noong sinabi na it's going to be with Alden, I was so excited. Honestly, that's one of the reasons why I said yes, because it's going to be with him."

Bea also gushed over Alden and Kathryn Berbardo's film Hello Love, Goodbye, and said that it's one of her favorite movies from Star Cinema! Apparently, Kathryn invited Bea to the film's premiere night, saying that Alden was such a big fan of Bea's and it would mean a lot to him if she went. 

Bea shared that during their shoot in Bangkok: "He was very open to saying na sana nga makatrabaho [niya ako]. And sinasabi niya, hindi lang ako, fan siya ni John Lloyd. Fan siya ng John Lloyd-Bea movies daw and Direk Cathy...And I hope he could work with John Lloyd in the future also because I think he has so much to give." 

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Has she seen the OG Korean film? Bea answers: "To be totally honest, hindi pa. But I know that it's going to be an adaptation of a Korean movie, A Moment To Remember. The reason why I haven't seen it is because I want to be able to talk to the director first and Alden. So we'll know how to go about it, because I don't want it to be a copycat. I want to read the script first before I watch the Korean version and the Japanese version." 

Watch Bea and Alden being all kulit for their behind-the-scenes TV shoot here


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