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John Lloyd Cruz Thanked Bea Alonzo For 'Standing By Him' And We Can't Contain Our Feels

We. Have. So. Many. Questions.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/beaalonzo, (RIGHT) Facebook/JohnLloydCruzOfficial

So that happened. After a few flirtywe can't confirm whether they were actually, but please, give us thisexchanges on Bea Alonzo's IG posts, she and John Lloyd Cruz finally had an IRL conversation! Well, virtually, but at least, in real-timeand even better, they streamed it live on Instagram last night, April 27. They gave us one heck of a reason to smile as the quarantine drags on.

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Bea had originally set up the IG live to teach people how to cook her version of bagoong rice and, no worries, she did start the stream with a run-through of what we bet is a no-fail recipe. She cooked the dish earlier to be sent to frontliners, saying that they definitely deserve to be well-fed (sana nga masarap ulam nila palagi!). Then she spent the next few minutes awkwardly-slash-funnily trying to find someone to talk to onlineand eventually @dumpsitegallery decided to keep her company.

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It was like watching old friends catch up: a sweet and very real convo loaded with lots of teasing, questions, and honest answersone that, rather unexpectedly, went beyond their own worlds. We can't exactly write down everything they saidit'll take away from the magicbut damn, was this conversation almost as painful, and a tad bit more real, as that Popoy and Basha confrontation. 

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The two got into the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic: John Lloyd pointed out that Bea's relief efforts for frontliners could lead to false hope, saying that it isn't sustainable in the long run and real help should be coming from up there, "sa kinauukulan." Bea pointed out that it doesn't take her away from her efforts now, even if it is just "pantawid gutom." 

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"Paano kapag takot na? 'Pag malungkot na? 'Pag galit na?...Paano 'pag kaluluwa na yung walang-wala na?" asked John Lloydand after a very heavy conversation, the two lightened the mood by reenacting their most iconic lines (Read: She had me at my worst...). It was a huge mood changer, and we're pretty sure we felt a collective lift over the IG feed. That is until, Popoywe mean John Lloydpulled the ad-lib of the night: a very real thank you to Bea Alonzo for standing by him, even if they aren't really sure what they are to each other (or to us fans, and in a very meta moment, who they really, really are, too). 

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For some reasonnot that we're complaining hereJohn Lloyd decided to add some music to the stream with his own rendition of "You Are My Sunshine." The stream ended when John Lloyd had to put his son, Elias, to sleep, saying, "Ayan na sunshine ko!" leaving Beaand everyone else watchingwith a smile on her face. Talk about an unexpected quarantine bright spot!