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Talent Manager Shirley Kuan Is *Furious* At A Producer Claiming Bea Alonzo Had 'Unreasonable Demands' While Filming '1521'

'Pinapalabas niya [na]maarte si Bea.'
Bea Alonzo's talent manager Shirley Kuan fires back at the production designer of '1521' for claiming Bea had unreasonable demands with her costumes for the film.
PHOTO: YouTube/1521 Movie Official

Bea's talent manager, Shirley Kuan, is *furious* at the production designer of the movie 1521 after he made negative claims about Bea's working attitude.

In a Facebook post on September 30, Saturday, production designer Francisco Nebres mentioned how a week before going on location in Palawan to film the movie, Bea's stylist made alterations to her costumes as these were reportedly "ill-fitting."

"A week before pullout to Palawan, I was informed that there were alterations of the costumes from her stylist with the reasons that [these don't] fit her and we allow it for Bea's comfort," read Francisco's post.

Earlier in September, Ogie Diaz vlogged about a source saying Bea had a "misunderstanding" with 1521's producer, Francis Ho. Sources also told Ogie that if Bea would not promote the movie, the producer would take care of promotions instead. In a separate vlog, a representative from Bea's team said that she had paid for her team's hotel accommodation.


Also on September 30, a report indicated that Bea had "unreasonable demands" while filming the movie. A representative of Francis stated that they had fulfilled what had been stipulated in the contract with Bea. They also said that they had paid for her team's hotel rooms while filming but failed to shoulder those of Bea's "additional staff."

With regard to Bea's costumes, they noted that Bea refused to have these altered by the tailor contracted by their production designer. They also denied accusations that they had not paid for talents and dancers, that there was no transportation, and that Bea had paid for their snacks and drinks.

Speaking to PEP, Shirley made several clarifications as she felt the false claims were being made to stir up publicity for the movie. Firstly, the production designer had not scheduled a fitting a month prior to filming, and these had only been brought to her already close to her flight to Palawan.

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"I don't want her to have a wardrobe malfunction in front of everybody during the shoot. Is that unreasonable?"

"Hindi kasya. Maraming diperensiya."

"Because nakikita yung likod ni Bea, nakikita yung side niya, hindi maitaas yung zipper."

"I don't want to show it to public. I wanna keep that private, with all due respect to Bea."

Because the costumes were ill-fitting and there would not be enough time for the contracted tailor to alter these, Bea had her own tailor repair them, at her own cost. Shirley also pointed out that no duplicates were produced in case the costumes got soiled while filming outdoors.

"Kami nang gagawa ng paraan to protect Bea. Hindi namin trabaho 'yan. Pero ginawa namin."

"At pumayag sila. Kasi, hindi namin sisisingilin."

"We'll just take care of it. Even though kasalanan nila, technically. Kasalanan nila, e."

"It was a bra type [of costume]. So, we need to make sure she's covered."


Upon discovering that the contracted tailor who had worked on Bea's costumes was under an ex-deal arrangement and had shouldered the expenses for these, she felt pity and asked that her team reimburse him.

"Pinapalabas niya maarte si Bea," Shirley added. "Bakit? Kasi incompetent siya. Hindi dahil maarte si Bea. Hindi niya ginawa trabaho niya. Harapin niya ako!"

ICYDK, 1521 is about Ferdinand Magellan's translator falling in love with a woman from Mactan, a native princess, played by Bea. The movie—directed by Filipino-European actor Michael Copon—also stars Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan and American actor Danny Trejo.

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