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10 *Classic* Jerry Yan + F4 Music Videos To Rewatch Right Now

"Oh baby baby baby, my baby baby..."

43-year-old Jerry Yan, our OG Dao Ming Si from Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden, is starring opposite second-generation Shan Cai Shen Yue in a drama called Count Your Lucky StarsHis topless pics from the series have been ~splattered~ all over the internet, and we think it's time for a throwback. In honor of Jerry Yan's *comeback*, here are 10 must-watch music videos from our OG crushes, the F4 boy band: 

1. "Liu Xing Yu"/"The Meteor Rain" (2001) 

Watch it for: A chance to sing along while doing the classic F4 meteor *dance step* 

2. "Jue Bu Neng Shi Qu Ni" (2002) 

Watch it for: Another moment to wonder why they're singing to that lucky dove  

3. "Wo Shi Zhen De Zhen De Hen Ai Ni"/ "I Really Really Love You" (2001) 

Watch it for: That mean girl slapping the fruit out of Jerry's hand 

4. "Ai De Ling Yu"/ "Love's Terrain" (2002) 

Watch it for: The giant white blob fight, or whatever it is that's going on in this adorable vid 


5. "Yan Huo De Ji Jie" (2002) 

Watch it for: F4 serenading you in suits! 

6. "Di Yi Shi Jian"/ "At The First Place" (2001)

Watch it for: F4 as your friendly but still *unreachable* boys-next-door 

7. "Te Amo" (2002) 

Watch it for: F4 taking off pieces of clothing, just because they can

8. "Yao Ding Ni"/ "Got To Have You" (2001) 

Watch it for: Super angsty Jerry Yan + behind-the-scenes vids of him with a kid

9. "Ti Yan" (2007) 

Watch it for: A chance to see them with updated and *grown-up* hairtsyles 

10. "Zai Zhe Li Deng Ni" (2007) 

Watch it for: The F4 members presenting us with a ~magic~ glowing star 


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