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Just A List Of Things That Every BTOB's Minhyuk Fan *Should* Know

He recently had a comeback and it's a masterpiece!
*Everything* You Need To Know About BTOB's Minhyuk
PHOTO: Instagram/hutazone

Ah, BTOB's Lee Minhyuk. Either you stan him or you have a crush on him. Or if you don't, it's about time you check out this all-rounder idol! Third-gen K-pop fans know him as the athletic visual and rapper of BTOB and fourth-gen stans can't get enough of his handsome and sexy charm. And so, we gotchu! We've rounded up as much information about him as we can for you to get to know him better. A little warning though—he's almost perfect that there might be no way out once you fall for him. *wink*

First things first: Did you know that he recently made a solo comeback? Last June 27, Minhyuk released his second studio album, BOOM, with a title track of the same name. First-week sales of the album surpassed the first-week sales of his debut album by more than double. The song also peaked at no. 1 on the BUGS chart and entered the charts of several Korean and international digital music charts.


[video:{"videoDomain":"","videoId":" ", "caption":"(HUTA) - 'BOOM' Official Music Video"}]

The BOOM album showcased Minhyuk's powerful and charming image highlighting his talent as a rapper, singer, dancer, and producer. He unleashed his alter ego popularly known among fans as HUTA with the sizzling hot concept of this new album. It's totally different from his image as a member of the ~healing-dol,~ BTOB!

HUTA - BOOM inkigayo 20220710

Minhyuk actually used the name HUTA during his pre-debut days as an underground rapper before officially debuting as BTOB's lead rapper and visual in March 2012. From then on, he has been actively producing songs and writing lyrics for the group. Fan favorites "Dreamer," "Blue Moon," and "Finale (Show And Prove)" were produced by Minhyuk himself. Minhyuk is also known as a fierce and fast rapper who gives his own unique color to BTOB's tracks. He also sings in some of the group's songs and can harmonize with the vocalists with his sweet voice.

[BTOB - I'll be your man] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 161110 EP.500

To fans' delight, Minhyuk debuted solo in Japan with an EP, Summer Diary in 2018 and the following year, he made his solo debut in South Korea as well with a studio album, Hutazone. This album had two title tracks with two totally different concepts.

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"YA" is cool and dark. It received a lot of praise from fans, non-fans, YouTube reactors, and anyone who hears it. It's like a song sung by a whole boy group. And people get surprised when they realize that it's all Minhyuk!

The second title track, "Tonight With Melody," is a special fan song that showed Minhyuk's sweet and loving side to his fans. Fun fact: The official music video featured real fans who watched his solo concert. Isn't that the cutest?

(HUTA) - (Tonight) (With Melody) OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

And Minhyuk is not just talented in music. When we said he's an all-rounder, we meant he truly is multitalented. He is well-loved as an athlete-dol, winning several gold medals for his team during the Idol Star Athletics Championships. To this date, Minhyuk is the record holder of some of the events including the 70 m and the high jump. He was also the Most Valuable Player from 2013 to 2015. There are compilation videos of Minhyuk's golden athletic moments from different shows which you can watch online. You'll be amazed he didn't become a professional athlete!


?TVPP?Minhyuk(BTOB) - M High Jump + New Record, @ 2014 Idol Star Championships

Minhyuk also joined several reality shows to promote BTOB, especially during the group's rookie days. Most notable ones are The Romantic & Idol Season 2 (which turned this writer into a Melody!), Law Of The Jungle In Indian Ocean, and Oh My God Tip with TWICE's Nayeon (we have no words for this show!).

BTOB Minhyuk TWICE Nayeon K-pop idol's Silent Farting Know-how [Oh My God! Tip1]

Minhyuk was also the MC of SBS MTV's The Show with fellow BTOB member, Yook Sung Jae, in 2012. And because BTOB is famous for their variety skills, Minhyuk has participated in other shows with his fellow team members, too. You can bet they're all hilarious!

Acting is also one of Minhyuk's passions. He majored in music when he was in university and from 2013 up to the present, he has been starring in TV series, movies, and web dramas. His most recent works include Seoul Ghost Story, a Netflix horror film (we hope it becomes available in the Philippines, too!); The Swordsman, a period action film where he played the role of the younger version of K-actor, Jang Hyuk; and Dae Jang Geum Is Watching, a Korean drama where he played the role of a convenience store customer (some of the other BTOB members also made special appearances in this drama). Minhyuk was also nominated as Best Actor in the 2019 Seoul Webfest Awards for his role in the web drama Number Six.


THE SWORDSMAN Official Trailer (2021)

Last year, BTOB participated in the K-pop survival show, Kingdom: Legendary War which aired on Mnet. Other contestants were SF9, iKON, Stray Kids, Ateez, and The Boyz. Since some of the BTOB members were still in the military, only Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, and Peniel were able to join. The members shared that it was Minhyuk who really wanted to challenge being on the show, so he convinced his members until they finally said yes. Thanks to Minhyuk, we can watch BTOB's legendary Kingdom stages! Bonus: BTOB covered Stray Kids' "Back Door" and Minhyuk ripped his shirt off during the performance. *coughs*

Back Door - (BTOB)

Currently, Minhyuk is the DJ of KBS CoolFM's BTOB's Kiss the Radio, a daily radio program where he talks to different guests. Idols like Red Velvet, TXT, Golden Child, and many more have been on the show. Minhyuk has also ongoing fan sign events where he gets to interact with lucky fans who get to experience Minhyuk's fan service face-to-face. He has/had a two-day solo concert on July 30 and 31. Tickets were sold out in just a few minutes!   


BTOB's Lee Minhyuk really deserves all the love and attention he is getting right now. From his talents to his visuals and his personality, he is truly a one-of-a-kind idol.


Follow him on his personal Twitter account @btob2mh and Instagram @hutazone. Also, like BTOB's official Facebook page and follow their official Twitter for more BTOB content!



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