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Local Celebrities Are *Aging* Themselves On Purpose With This New Filter

Ft. Drew Arellano, Yassi Pressman, Nico Bolzico, and more!
PHOTO: Instagram/yassipressman

Remember when everyone went crazy over those gender-swap filters from Snapchat? Or those filters that made everyone look like a cute baby? Well, there's a new viral filter in town and it transforms people into the *senior citizen* versions of themselves. FaceApp's new "aging" filter uses technology that shows parts of your face that'll most likely wrinkle and sag in a few decades.

Filipino celebs, of course, are joining the aging trend! Here are some of our favorites: 

Nico Bolzico 

True to his nature, Nico joked that the first photo was taken before he got married and the second one a week after his wedding to Solenn. At the end of his post, he wrote, "The truth is that the picture is [reversed], marriage filled me up [with] happiness and joy; I feel younger every day I spend next to Solenn." Aww! 

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Drew Arellano 

Iya Villania couldn't help but comment, "Is that how you'll look at 90?!? Damn!!! I better stay alive until then!"

Lauren Reid 

Lauren posted a photo of her with basketball player boyfriend Gab Banal. She accompanied it with lyrics from the song "Grow Old With You."

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Daniel Matsunaga 

Daniel posted not just one, but TWO versions! 

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Maris Racal

Lookin' good, Maris. People have even said that she looks a lot like veteran actress Nova Villa

JM De Guzman 

The comments section will make you LOL! 

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Yassi Pressman

"Will you still love me?" Of course, we will. 

Khalil Ramos 

Swipe right to see his photo with an "older" Gabbi Garcia

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While we're all loving this AI technology, it comes with some drawbacks, too. Some users have raised concerns about FaceApp's terms and conditions ever since an app developer named Joshua Nozzi tweeted that FaceApp was uploading troves of photos from people's smartphones without asking permission. People are also worried that the app might be accessing their personal data. FaceApp denied these claims, saying that only the user-submitted photos are uploaded. 

According to the BBC, it's better to be safe than sorry. A spokesperson for the United Kingdom's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) said, "We would advise people signing up to any app to check what will happen to their personal information and not to provide any personal details until they are clear about how they will be used."

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