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Chanya McClory Auditioned For 'Girl From Nowhere' Just Days After A Brain Surgery

'I was so scared that I may not be able to act again.'
chanya mcclory yuri brain surgery
PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/chanyamcclory

Girl From Nowhere star Chanya McClory, who plays Yuri in the hit Netflix series, just shared a touching story about her experience in the show! Chanya has been very open on Instagram about how she found out she had a brain tumor in 2020. Thankfully, she had a successful operation and recovery period later that year. 

In a recent Insta post, Chanya shared a video clip from when she was auditioning for Girl From Nowhere, and here's the *moving* part: It was shot just DAYS AFTER HER BRAIN SURGERY. 

chanya mcclory brain surgery
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Chanya's Girl From Nowhere audition

Chanya's recent IG caption reads: "When I was casting for Yuri, it was just 11 days after my brain surgery. 11 days! I looked so ordinary there. Actually, I was very worried [about] my surgery because it has everything to do with my brain and nerves. I was so scared that I may not be able to act again after waking up from the surgery. But when I woke up, I was given an opportunity and I didn't think twice about taking the chance. Even though, I was not so confident, but on the other hand, I believed that I could do it. And I did it!"

She also shared words of encouragement for those who are doubting themselves, adding: "What I want to tell everyone is that if I can do it, anyone can do it too! Whether you have a health problem or any kinds of problems, don't give up on what you believe in. Don't give up on what you want or what you want to be. Don't let your limitations limit you from your dream. I'm here to cheer you up."

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You can watch Chanya's audition clip here

chanya mcclory brain tumor

And since she still had short hair during filming, Chanya actually wore a wig as Yuri! For more facts about the Girl From Nowhere actress, click here

chanya mcclory as yuri in girl from nowhere
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