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5 Movies And TV Shows That Celebrate Chinoys

PHOTO: (LEFT) Mano Po/Regal Entertainment Inc., (RIGHT) Crying Ladies/Unitel Pictures International

Guys, today is Chinese New Year! And no, it's not just about eating tikoy and watching dragon dances. It's a special time for our Chinoy families and friends to greet the new year and is marked by reunions, special meals, fireworks, and gift giving.

In line with all the festivities, we listed down five local movies and TV shows with distinctly Chinese-Filipino themes! And while some of them might not be entirely accurate, they show Chinoy family relations and beliefs: 

1. The Mano Po Movies (2002 to 2016)

With seven films to date, the Mano Po film series focuses on the ways and traditions of the Chinese-Filipino community. The OG 2002 movie told the story of a Chinese immigrant named Don Luis Go (Eddie Garcia) who left China to be with his Filipino wife Elisa (Boots Anson-Roa). The film also stars Tirso Cruz and Amy Austria as their children and Maricel Soriano, Kris Aquino, and Ara Mina as their grandchildren.

Here's a short clip from the first Mano Po

2. My Binondo Girl (2011)

This television series starred Kim Chiu as Jade Dimaguiba, a girl who spent her entire life craving the approval and acceptance of her Chinese father Chen Sy or "Papa Chen" (Richard Yap). Through a series of unfortunate events, Jade is forced to pose as her late brother Yuan! This series also paved the way for Kim's love team with Xian Lim

3. Crying Ladies (2003)

This comedy tells the story of three women (Sharon Cuneta, Angel Aquino, and Hilda Koronel), who are hired as professional mourners by a rich Chinese family. Desperate for cash, they spend their days crying for the patriarch who passed away.


4. Babaeng Hampaslupa/The Poor Heiress (2011)

Set against the backdrop of a Chinese-Filipino community, this teleserye tells the story of Diana (Alice Dixson), a simple Filipina who falls in love and marries into the rich Wong family. She gives birth to the family's sole heiress Elizabeth (Alex Gonzaga), but the baby is abducted and Diana is banished from the clan! Years later, Elizabeth returns to the family as a maid named Grace, not knowing that she is the rightful heir.  

5. Feng Shui (2004) 

This horror film starring Kris Aquino focuses on a ~cursed~ Bagua mirror. Anyone who stares at the mirror dies through an accident related to their Chinese zodiac. The film actually has a sequel, starring Kris and Coco Martin, which was released in 2014!

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

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