Chris Tiu Playing 'CLOY' Songs On The Piano Will Brighten Up Your Day

How do we play these on repeat?!
PHOTO: Instagram/chris_tiu17

Last month, Chris Tiu posted his cover of a soundtrack from Crash Landing On You. He covered “Song For Brother” on the piano and posted it on his Instagram account. Naturally, our CLOY-loving hearts were *so* pleased.

Well, Chris is back with more covers, uploading three vides on IG. The first one is an ultra-satisfying medley feat. “Flower”, “It’s Destiny”, “Photo Of My Mind”, and “Song For Brother”.

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He also covered IU’s “I Give You My Heart”—a song that was played in one of the most emotional scenes in the series. Chris even shared that he gets teary-eyed every time he watches it.

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As for his third song? “All Of My Days”. So beautiful!

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Chris wrote: “Anyway sorry for bombarding with CLOY songs but for me it’s serves as a slight distraction from all the COVID news. Thought might as well share it with fellow CLOY fans hehe hope you like them. Praying for everyone’s safety, especially the elderly and all our doctors and healthcare workers who have been sacrificing quietly to care for those in need. We pray for wisdom, perseverance in these trying times. Thank you to all those serving!! Your work is truly heroic!”

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We appreciate the GVs, Chris!

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