Cosmo Gift Guide: Top 15 Books And CDs For The Holidays

We had to do it: New Moon is part of the list. See other cool reads and music treats you can give friends this Christmas.

In a time when iPods and the MP3 format have made CDs almost obsolete, and the e-book has almost made the traditional paperback a mere home or room decor, we here at Cosmo still believe in patronizing these "traditional" items that in fact make good gifts (after all, the only reason your friends probably don't buy them anymore is they cost more than the electronic alternatives). So do them a favor and get it for them this Christmas.

The joy of listening to one's favorite music artist in its original musical form is always a nice experience (not to mention that you contribute to reviving the dying industry). Meanwhile, the smell of new books and the tactile experience of leafing through pages cannot be replaced by a mere electronic display.

If after clicking through our fashion and beauty, guy stuff, budget, and gadget gift guides you still haven't found the perfect gift, these very specific finds just might do the trick. Click on the gallery button below for ideas on what to give your music and book-loving friends.

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