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Cosmo Online Hunk Andrew Wolff: Passionate Date

To get you in the mood for a fiery Valentine's Day, we asked the Philippine Volcanoes player to spill some dating secrets! He'll dish more at 4PM later during his COSMO CHAT!

Whether or not you already have a date for Valentine's Day, it's always nice to get dating tips straight out of the stud's mouth, pun intended. So, on his second week (and a few days before the day), we asked our featured hunk for February, Andrew Wolff, to spill some of his dating secrets, just to give you an idea how to ace your V-Day date, especially if it's your first! For more of his tips and thoughts on other interesting topics you may want to ask him about, log on to Cosmo Chat from 4PM to 5PM this afternoon for Andrew's Celebrity Chat, where you can talk to him in real time!

To get an idea what to ask him later, read our second interview with him below, where we talk to him about this month's hot topic: dating, of course! (Hint: He mentions some sort of blind items here, so you may want to ask him about that!) Don’t forget to view his second photo gallery, where we dress him up in a fiery red shirt, just to get you all fired up to meet him online later!

How do you prepare for a really special date?

Well, the thing is, I don’t really want to tell everyone how I prepare because I’m single right now. That’s the truth, this is not showbiz ha? And of course, you don’t want to let out so many secrets, you know (laughs). But, [to answer the question], the thing is, every girl is different, unique, and you really gotta find out first what they’re into and if you’re compatible. They may not be into the movie or into the dinner stuff, so I think you should research, just ask, but not be too obvious. Try to find out what she’s really into before you take that step and go on a date because the first impression always lasts and if you don’t take them to the right place or treat them the way they would want to be treated, then pfft, that’s it!

Where do you usually take a girl on the first date?

For me, generally speaking, girls love to go to nice places to eat, so it’s gonna be somewhere romantic, cliche (laughs); in a nice atmosphere, quiet. You know, it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. It just has to be somewhere you consider special, and I try not to take them to places where I’ve been before with other people, with other ex-girlfriends (laughs), 'cause that’s not special at all. Dinner is always good, and a gift.

What kind of gift do you give on dates?

Well, some girls are into flowers, some into chocolates, some are into teddy bears. But that depends on the stage in your relationship. If she’s The One, then I’m willing to give her everything, even before we get married. That’s me--if I love the girl, I’ll put her first in nearly every situation. I have done that before, I’ve put her before work, but that’s wrong. You gotta prioritize, of course; it’s a balance. Balance your life and the things you need to do with the relationship, respecting her and giving her the things she needs.

How will you surprise or impress your date?

I can’t tell you that, she might be reading this (laughs). I think the best way to impress a girl is to show her that you’re in the same wavelength; you have something in your brain, you’re not just boring, you know you’ve got something to say. I think maybe intellectually, you’ve gotta impress the lady you’re courting, if you’re still courting her. Intellectually, you have to impress her, but not be too in her face. Just be conversational and make her feel good I suppose (laughs). At the end of the day, you gotta have that connection, you gotta be on the same page, the same wavelength. That’s my opinion.

Have you ever been rejected when you asked a girl out?

Actually, I don’t know where to start with this one because I’m a kind of guy who will do research, and when I say research, it’s not science; I’ll make sure before I even [ask]...because I’m scared of rejection, that’s one of my phobia. It’s a bad feeling, it’s like, sakit 'di ba? Sakit sa ego. [But to answer your question] well, before I asked her, I felt rejected already, so technically no, but in my heart yes, because I’ve liked girls and they have shown no interest whatsoever. So yeah, kind of, but I hate being rejected. It’s just painful.

Would you ever consider going on a blind date?

Nah, that’s scary. Well, it depends, I need to find out more about this blind date. Like, is it with a female, might be a man (laughs), right? Might be a female-man, whatever, no, just kidding. Well, it depends; let’s say a close friend who knew my character, knew what kind of girl I was looking for, said, “Oh, you gotta meet this girl.” It would probably be a blind date, it would probably be like “Let’s meet the girl,” but not boom! “Meet up with her at Jollibee” (laughs) or wherever you go, wherever you like to usually meet a girl, maybe a coffee shop. Yeah, I do that, but not “Yo bro, go meet up with this girl on your own.” It’s gotta be a good friend who recommends this sweet lady that I’d meet.

Tell us about your most memorable date, both the good and bad.

I have to think about this, I don’t think I have one. I’ve had a most memorable bad, horrible date experience, can I say that? Because it depends on how you define date. It can be dating someone, you’re boyfriend-girlfriend, or date as in you’re courting her. 'Cause it varies, like in England, a date is just when you meet up and you’re not together yet. And then when you’re together, anyway whatever (laughs). And then here, dating is exclusively dating, whatever (laughs).

Just name one thing you consider a date that you can't forget, good or bad.

The last thing I could remember is, I took a girl, a lady, to Cebu, oh no, Baguio, sorry, wrong girl (laughs), joke! I took a girl to Baguio and basically we fought over a very small, small thing. And this was on our anniversary, and if you’re reading this now, you know who you are (laughs). And basically it was a very small, trivial thing, and I prepared everything, nice hotel, blah, blah, blah, drove all the way and drove back within the day. That’s bad trip, 'di ba? Especially when you made the effort. Hey, never mind. I’m gonna give a laugh about it (laughs).

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Yes, yes I do!

How do you plan to spend it this year?

Well, if in the next few days I get a girlfriend, then I would. I wouldn’t spend Valentine’s Day with a date, [and] I wouldn’t date on Valentine’s Day because Valentine’s Day is for two people who actually really love each other, you know. But of course, if I were in a relationship on February 14--I think that’s too quick, a week! Anyway, if I were in a relationship, if time permitted and I could leave work, then I’d take her out of town and treat her like a lady--really special, with gifts, food. If not, then dinner in Manila, and the out-of-town [trip] to follow.

What’s a deal breaker for you on the first three dates?

I think now having experienced what I’ve experienced and meeting the people I’ve met, for me, a deal breaker has got to be not being on the same wavelength and having the same direction in life, same kind of values. Yeah, that’s a deal breaker for me.

What guy truths do you think girls should know?

That we cry too, that we hurt too. Remember that, you know, even a big guy like me, I cry, I get upset. And of course, men should always lead in the relationship 'cause that is, in my opinion, the way it should be. Lead but not be overpowering. Lead positively, but just remember ladies, we’re tough on the exterior but sometimes we can be soft and be upset. So help us out, too, when it comes to that (laughs).

Have you cried over a girl?

I’m a Cancer, we’re very emotional people. And for a Cancer like me, troubles of the heart really affect everything. Cancers tend to wear their heart on their sleeve kind of thing and can’t function like “Oh, I’m so upset, I’m heartbroken, I can’t work, I can’t focus.” So truths, yeah, men cry and hurt too just as much as you.

Watch for Andrew's third layout on Wednesday, February 15! Get to talk to our February Cosmo Online Hunk in real time from 4PM to 5PM this afternoon when you log on to Cosmo Chat.

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