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Cosmo Online Hunk John Cruz: Vicious Villain

Forget the old world chivalry and come-hither gaze. Our hunky vampire gets hair-raisingly (yet deliciously) evil!
You’ve seen October Online Hunk John Cruz play out your Cullen-esque fantasies as a handsome, albeit tortured, loner. Now we’re stripping him of that almost-human charm and exposing his violent urges.

On his third week as Cosmo Online Hunk, part-Puerto Rican John reveals some of the naughty things he has done in the past and how he copes when he’s the one on the receiving end of the sting. Yes, even a guy as great-looking as this has his own skeletons in the closet. Find out what we mean by reading the interview below!

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to a girl?

I was a young teenager [then]. There was this girl who had a crush on me. My friend was kind of bad, kind of like a rebel. So he said, “Let’s play truth or dare.” He told me, “I will dare you to kiss her. But you will not kiss her. You will just stare at her.” At first I was hesitant ‘cause it was mean. But I did it.

How old were you then?

I was 11 or 12 (laughs).

Okay, I think that can be forgiven! What happened to the girl?

She told on me to the principal and spread a rumor around school that I tried to rape her. Everybody didn’t believe her. They went up to me, even people I didn’t know, and they said, “We don’t believe her, it’s okay!”

Where was that?

This was in Japan.

Have you ever hit a woman?

No. I have zero tolerance for violence.

Do you have any bad habits?

I always bite my nails.

Are you trying to ditch that habit?

Oh, yes.

Do you have any vices?

I go out all night sometimes. But then I [still get to] fulfill my responsibilities.

Would you ever try to destroy a girl who dumped you?


So how would you deal with a breakup?

Well, I would try to understand her side of the story. Just accept it.

You never get violent?

No, never. That’s not right.

What’s your worst breakup experience?

[When I’m having] those kinds of emotions, I’m usually by myself. That night, she called and said she was with her ex. I said okay, but then I had this feeling that something happened with her ex. Something did happen between them. That was bad.

How did you react?

I had a lot of pictures of her, not stalker-ish kind of pictures (laughs). Then I immediately erased everything. I tried to erase all the memories.

You don’t get violent when you’re heartbroken?


You don’t scream in your room?

Oh well, maybe into the pillow sometimes (laughs). I let it out.

How do you let it out?

Oh, well, I cry. That’s normal.

Aww. Well, have you done anything bad that you got away with?

A lot of things (laughs)!

Like what?

It was an accident, it wasn’t supposed to go that far. [We set] my neighbor’s garage [in California] on fire. I didn’t really [start the fire], but I was there. My friend did. And then it just got all big. The cops came and they asked us, and I didn’t know what to say, so my friend taught me how to lie with a story he told us.

Did they believe you?

Well, seeing as they really had no choice... (laughs)

How old were you then?

Eight (laughs).

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Shot on location at Seventy7 Outdecor Bar and Cafe, 51 Kamuning Road, Quezon City, (02) 410-4387
Hair and makeup by Cats del Rosario
Styling by Liz Anne Bautista
Clothes by Topman
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